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What Energy Do Your Words Carry?

The words we speak and use in our writing have an energy to them. They can be used to lift people up and inspire them. We can also use them to perpetuate fear and disaster, when in fact, none of that may be real. In my interactions with people and especially on social media, I… Continue reading What Energy Do Your Words Carry?

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Finding Inspiration for Your Stories in Fiction

Most of us stick to the same sources when we research our family history or military history. Genealogy books, records, official military documents, histories written about a family or a military unit. How often do you look outside the "usual" sources to find inspiration to help you tell your family's stories? I've been reading more… Continue reading Finding Inspiration for Your Stories in Fiction


What if We Did Not Judge?

I have been reading a book called The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. This is the second of her books I've read in the last month. It brought up so many questions and themes around family, World War II, stories, judgment, allowance, and how we cope as the people going through an experience and those who… Continue reading What if We Did Not Judge?

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Holistic Healing Facilitation Available

The World War II Research and Writing Center, where we Find the Answers to your military research questions and family stories, is now offering holistic healing facilitation services. Every client I work with requires something different which makes each project I work on unique. Some clients want the facts and only the facts ma’am. Some… Continue reading Holistic Healing Facilitation Available