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Finding Inspiration for Your Stories in Fiction

Most of us stick to the same sources when we research our family history or military history. Genealogy books, records, official military documents, histories written about a family or a military unit. How often do you look outside the “usual” sources to find inspiration to help you tell your family’s stories?

I’ve been reading more fiction lately, to take a break from all the World War I and World War II reading I do. I’m finding within these fiction stories that contain storylines connected to World War II, there are many themes to be explored in my own family’s experience and my own life. Two of my most recent reads are from Kristin Hannah, The Winter Garden, and The Nightingale. Both are amazing stories of civilian women during the war, one from the Soviet Union and the other from France.

Where are you finding inspiration and questions to apply to your family stories?

Would you like help researching and telling the stories of your family and service members? Would you like some writing coaching or facilitation around your family stories to help you find closure, answers, and create a new story? Contact us to discuss a research or writing project. Be sure to also check our our online courses to learn how to navigate the records (and the 1973 Fire) locate information or write your stories.

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