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Finding the Answers is more than a travel journey, or a genealogical or military research project. Finding the Answers is something we explore throughout our entire lives. Explore new ways to find YOUR answers through some of our online courses. Each course link leads to our WWII Education page where we host all our online and live courses and events.

Finding the Answers Through WWII Writing

Stories have the power to transform us. Throughout our lives, the stories we have heard may shape our identity. They may shape the perspective we have on life, the past, present, and future, ourselves, and those we love. Stories may raise questions about the war, family secrets, those who were lost, and things we discover through our research. Learn more…….

Finding the Answers: Starting WWII Research

World War II research is surrounded by stories and myths which often give people the perception they cannot obtain any information about military service. Learn more……

Finding the Answers: WWII Research Online

Finding the Answers. This is what each person who starts WWII research hopes to accomplish. We often begin with many questions, to which answers are often elusive. The most logical place to search for answers to our World War II questions is online. Learn more…..

Finding the Answers in the IDPF

The Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF) is one of the most important files researchers can obtain for World War II service members who died or are still considered Missing In Action (MIA.) The details contained in these files are more than date of death, cause of death, and locations of burials. We learn about the service history, medical history, family stories and grief, decisions which had to be made by family members, family drama, the inability to recover remains, and sometimes connect with other researchers who have requested the file in the past. Learn more……

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