Facilitation & Coaching for Writing, Research, and Business

The World War II Research and Writing Center, where we Find the Answers to your military research questions and family stories, is now offering facilitation and coaching services for writing, research, and business. Jennifer Holik is now offering expanded services to help you on your journey! Learn more about military research services on the WWII Research and Writing Center website.

Writing Facilitation

In one hour sessions we will explore what you are writing, your research, your questions and observations, and looking at the deeper issues that surface.

I have the capacity to help people:

  • See where someone is blocked and remove those blocks.
  • See things that are written between the lines – either by the client or those who created the documents with which the client is working.
  • Help clients define and clear the many threads of story and information in their heads to create a writing project plan.
  • Provide editing for a writing project.
  • Help clients refine their writing project from concept to draft to finished product.
  • Help people prepare a book for self-publishing.

The sessions are great for people who are:

  • Exploring their family stories, research, and their lives.
  • Need some help removing the blocks that stand in their way.
  • Connecting to the energy of what’s possible but are unsure how to get from point A to point B.
  • Choose to write articles or blog posts.
  • Choose to write and publish a book.

Research Facilitation

Every client I work with requires something different which makes each project I work on unique. Some clients want the facts and only the facts ma’am. Some arrive with questions that require answers to give them peace and closure. Others arrive with one thing in mind and the energy of requiring more, which they may not be able to put into words. I have the capacity to understand the energy of what is required. When clients are able to receive facilitation to move deeper into the records and information to get the answers they need, I can provide that.

What is facilitation? It is a conversation, sometimes more than one, to bring awareness to a client about the impact of the information they have received on a family member. For example, I worked with a client who researched a family member who was Killed In Action during World War II when the client was a small child. Children process things differently than adults and often have unanswered questions. Children also assume things are one way when in reality, they may be another way.

Example of a facilitation: As an adult seeking information on the family member, through the research, the client became aware of family issues that were not discussed and emotions rose he was not expecting as he read certain documents. Through a few facilitation sessions via email over a couple of months, we were able to talk through many of these things so the client better understood the importance of what was provided through the research project. The client received answers, closure, and healing through the facilitation. The client also shared the research and the facilitation with his family which brought a shift in their lives. The research on this family member brought the past to the present and provided much closure to old family stories, drama, trauma, and helped the client understand as an adult, what he may not have been able to as a child.

Facilitation of the deeper issues the records and my research report bring up can take place via email correspondence, a phone call, or a private Zoom video call which can be recorded and shared with the client. Through these avenues we can discuss the specific questions or issues that arise during the research process and move toward closure and answers. In some cases, further research may need to be done into military records or the client’s family history. Where family history research is required, I can refer clients to people who specialize in what they require as my focus is less genealogy and more military history and holistic healing.

Business Facilitation

I have never followed the “rules” set by the communities/industries in which I have worked as a self-employed business owner. Those rules were too restricting for me and I never fit into the boxes people tried to put me in. I never agreed that only certain people should be allowed to be successful or make more money than everyone else. I also never agreed that only if you were part of a “rock star” clique, could you expand your business and contribute to the world. That energy does not work for me as it is not expansive.

Following the energy of what felt light and right for me, has served me well and inspires others to create beyond the box or glass ceiling others have imposed. Following the light energy has allowed me to always be creating what no one else has thought to create. Those creations have allowed me to choose more for my life, living, reality, and business. Those creations have opened up a life on two continents with an international business with a lot of travel and fun!

Are you tired of everyone telling you how you “should” run your business because only certain people in your community are “allowed” to be successful?

Would you like to create something greater in your business but are not sure what that looks like?

Would you like to expand what you offer beyond the industry in which you work as a self-employed person?

Are you unsure how to remove the blocks standing in your way?

Would you like to brainstorm new ways to create in your business?

If any of these questions feel light for you, let’s talk about business facilitation.

Purchase Sessions

These sessions are 1 hour long and can be purchased in:

1 hour only = $150

3 hour session ($425 = $25 discount)

5 hour session ($600 = 1 hour free)

Contact Jennifer at to set up your facilitation/coaching sessions today. I look forward to creating with you!

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