We have created several videos to help you find the answers in your life, family stories and military stories. Ask Jennifer how she can help you through coaching, facilitation, a research or writing project. All videos are arranged by date with topic.

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12 July 2018 – Talking about the Change our Choices Create

8 July 2018 – Serendipity or What Do You Know?

24 June 2018 – What does the energy of the words you use create?

11 June 2018 – Is it possible to have gratitude instead of judgment?

3 June 2018 – What We are Creating at Finding the Answers Journey

1 June 2018 – What choices can I make to change my life and business? Are you asking these questions?

25 May 2018 – The Nightingale book, Choices, Healing, Judgments

25 May 2018 – The Nightingale Book – end of book thoughts

24 May 2018 – A Castle, WWII, Storms, and What they Experienced in WWII

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