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What Energy Do Your Words Carry?

The words we speak and use in our writing have an energy to them. They can be used to lift people up and inspire them. We can also use them to perpetuate fear and disaster, when in fact, none of that may be real. In my interactions with people and especially on social media, I strive to be positive and not use language (except in rare cases) that is negative. There is enough negative happening the world and the more we contribute to it, the more it grows. What would change if we stopped contributing to that part of this reality?

In this video I talk a little about observations I’ve made this year about how people use language on social media and the effects I’m seeing.  It is a little disturbing to see community leaders (pick your community) consistently being negative and posting about the doom and gloom of this reality. Are they unaware there is another possibility? Are they unaware that if they change their words and energy, the entire world will change? Perhaps.

What if there was another possibility than always being negative or promoting the “bad” or “evil” or “terrible” or “sky is falling” aspect of what’s going on? What if we could focus more on the good things and construct our thoughts in ways that promote a better world? How much could we change what we think is wrong with the current state of affairs?

I hope my observations make you pause and consider what you are putting out into the world and ask yourself, Is this really what I want to put out there and be known for?


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