Ancestral Souls

Healing Circle for Professionals Membership

Registration begins September 2020!


Are you ready to start transforming your life, your clients' lives, and healing the past?

Are you ready to explore family patterns, energy healing, ancestral lineage healing, inherited trauma and more topics related to our ancestors and personal growth? If so, you are in the right place.

Are you Ready to Take your Business to a Deeper Level?

Our ancestors live within us and affect our choices and how we live our lives. They give us both blessings and burdens as their legacy.  As we explore our family history and military history, along with our personal histories, we begin to see patterns. We become aware of the inherited trauma many of us have in our bodies. We begin to see how we are living out aspects of our ancestors' lives unconsciously. All of this can be shifted, released, healed, and changed if we are willing to do the inner work. Are you ready to take that journey?

In this membership circle we will explore topics that our clients and family members may be dealing with. I will provide you will the tools you need to begin to help them shift these old patterns and open up to more of life's abundance.

Here's What You'll Receive Every Month with Your Membership

60-minute Monthly Teaching & Healing Session: A live training each month using a combination of meditations, guided healing, somatic practices, discussion, writing, and worksheets. Replays of videos will be provided in the Ancestral Souls Healing Circle for Professionals product.

You do not have to be a member of the Ancestral Souls Healing Circle Membership to benefit from this group. If you are a member, the topics in the professional circle may build on what was taught in that group.

The Professionals Circle meets the 2nd Saturday of the month at 11:30 a.m. CDT/CST.

Accountability: Each month you will be given homework to submit.

Monthly Office Hours: On the first Monday of the month at 10:00 a.m. CST/CDT there is a 45 minute Zoom Office Hours where you may pop in to ask questions or share.

Exclusive Online Healing Community: A heart-centered group within a safe, sacred container free of judgment and fear. In this sacred container we encourage personal and professional transformation.

Special Events: Special events on related topics with some guest speakers. These will require advanced registration. A few may require an additional fee depending on the speaker/topic.

Bonus Content: A curated collection of worksheets, videos, books, and other resources to help you explore many aspects of ancestral lineage healing and personal healing and transformation. Bonus materials will be added each month as they pertain to the topic.

Discount on Private Facilitation Sessions: As long as you are a member, you receive a discount on private facilitation sessions for additional 1-1 support.

Member-Only Discounts on Jennifer's Courses and Webinars: Receive discounted access to Jennifer's Ancestral Souls products.

Member-Only All Access Pass: When you register you receive immediate access to all prior trainings.

One-time 30-minute private facilitation session: Your membership contains a one-time setup fee and a 30-minute Zoom facilitation session with Jennifer after completion of your intake form. The intake must be completed within a week of joining the program.


Not a professional but interested in the topics we cover? I invite you to explore the Ancestral Souls Healing Circle Membership.

This circle is also a monthly membership that explores similar topics as our professionals. Explore the Ancestral Souls Healing Circle today!

Jennifer invites you to join the healing circle ...

where we will create a safe, sacred space in which we can work with Creator/God/Spirit/Source, our guides, angels, and ancestors to create change in our lives and lineage.

Pay in Full - 12 sessions

Details coming soon


Monthly Payments

Details coming soon

What people are saying...

I stumbled across Jennifer quite serendipitously while scrolling through Facebook and my life has never been the same since. Her unique outlook and transparency connected with me immediately. After watching just one presentation, I knew I needed to work with her. We've been working together 1:1 for a few months now and not only have I grown as a person, my bookshelf has grown too! The resources she shares and recommends are priceless, and I've learned so much about who I am and where I'm going and what I'm here to do thanks to working with Jennifer. I highly recommend her: not just as a genealogist, but as mentor/coach/etc. ~~R.J.

About the Monthly Sessions

The training and healing sessions will be delivered via Zoom. These are the same topics as the Ancestral Souls Healing Circle monthly topics with a twist. We are going deeper, looking at different aspects of the topics as they pertain to you as a professional and may help your clients. Additionally, you will have homework to complete or projects to create with your knowledge. Registration opens in January 2021.


2021 Monthly Session Topics

To be announced.


You receive three bonuses when you join the Ancestral Souls Healing Circle membership!

Bonus #1 -


Bonus #2 - Compassion/Caregiver Fatigue Resources

Explore Compassion Fatigue resources to help you as a professional and to help your clients. We will cover some of this in one of the modules.

Bonus Content #3 - Grounding Mindfulness Exercises

Learn grounding, mindfulness, and meditation techniques to help you stay centered as you do this important healing work. Includes videos and downloads.

What people are saying...

One of my goals for 2018 was to be more open to new experiences and opportunities. I learned about Access Consciousness from Jennifer Holik and consulted with her to run my bars to give me a read about the energy that was surrounding me. After our session, I felt like a big weight had been lifted from me and let the energy guide me in my personal and work decisions. Jennifer helped me gain an awareness that must have been there all along, but I had been blocking it. She was able to sense things I thought about and felt but never told anyone. From our consultation, I emerged with a new way of looking at all of people and decisions which have brought me to where I am now, and I am listening more intently to what the universe is telling me about each new opportunity or choice that presents itself.

~~ L.A.

Jennifer invites you to join the healing circle ...

where we will create a safe, sacred space in which we can work with Creator/God/Spirit/Source, our guides, angels, and ancestors to create change in our lives and lineage.

This is an introductory price for 2020 only. The price will go up 1 January 2021. When you join this year, you will be able to keep this price structure through 2021.

Pay in Full - 12 sessions

Details coming soon


Monthly Payments

Details coming soon

Cancellation & Refund Policy:
If at any time, the Ancestral Souls Healing Circle for Professionals Membership no longer feels like a fit for you, you can cancel your membership with 30 days’ notice by emailing Jennifer. No refunds are offered for the setup fee or past membership charges for any reason.