Can We Have Gratitude for their Choices?


I’ve been having many conversations with people about FAMILY. CHOICE. GRATITUDE. JUDGMENT. NEGATIVITY. CHANGE. WAR. LIFE. DEATH.

Whenever I have posed some questions, usually in a short video, about family choice and what would it take to stop judging it all, the response I get on the posts and through messages is often filled with negativity. As if there is no possibility to see anything positive in the “bad” or “wrong” or “terrible” choices our family members made. Yet, what if there is something in there to be grateful for?

Add to this the tangled web of someone saying, “Well my grandpa did THIS and I know how it traumatized THAT person and THAT person so why should I not judge?”

First, we do not know the 100 choices and experiences that led up to grandpa making a choice that did some damage or whatever it caused. Second, we do not know the 100 choices, experiences, baggage, etc. carried by the people his choice hurt. We were not there living any of their lives.

Is it possible to stand back and look at the situation and not judge the hell out of it immediately? Is it possible to be in allowance of what happened and look at how it all affects US, NOW? Are we able to find some forgiveness, allowance, healing, answers, release, anything positive out of what we learn?

What would it take for you to look at your life, and that of your family’s in a completely different way? What if we could find just 10% more gratitude within our family stories than we used to? What change would that create in our lives and that of our families and the world?

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you!

© 2018 Jennifer Holik


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