Choosing You First 26 March 2019


This week I changed the format and title of my energy videos from My Caregiver Journey to Choosing You First. The energy of what I hope to help people create is for anyone. While I may focus aspects of each week's video on caregiving, overall I will focus on creating shifts in your life.

Please watch the video and then be sure to go "meet" Michelle Hoffman who wrote an incredible book "Life Worth Living." I started reading it and spent two hours chatting with Michelle on the phone. She is phenomenal and inspiring. I highly recommend you get her book. We will be scheduling a webinar to talk about her book and both our experiences once I finish reading it so stay tuned.

My invitation to you this week: Ask yourself and be honest, about where you are giving too much to other people, places, and things, which cause you to deplete yourself or not care enough for yourself. Then look at ways you can shift this.

As caregivers, empaths, and people who want to be of service, we often give more than we allow ourselves to receive OR more than we take care of ourselves. This can leave us depleted, sick, depressed, anxious, and other things. Acknowledging where we give too much allows us to change that so we are also taking care of us. Refilling ourselves allows us to continue being of service to others.

I would love to hear what you think about the question posed here. Please comment with the video on our FB page. Let's start a conversation!

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