My Caregiver Journey 17 February 2019 - Creating Your Life While Dealing with Hospitals


 It's been a week and not all good. The question that keeps coming up is What do I want my life to be like, look like, feel like, have in it? Another question is, What am I no longer willing to accept?

The last few days have not been so easy. I did not expect we would end up in the hospital again. I did not expect I would have to make certain choices or set boundaries this trip. Yet, boundaries were set and I was consciously choosing how to take care of myself.

Even while consciously choosing to take care of myself through all this - that did not make it super easy. Being an empath and medium, even when I shield myself or set protection, I still come home from the hospital or serious doctor visits tired, or exhausted. Add stress to this and worry and not enough answers and it can be difficult to get out of bed or make seemingly simple choices.

Choosing to stay in bed and avoid the outside world is a choice. In the end today, I chose to go walk at Naarden-Vesting. I have wanted to walk the entire moated area for a couple of years but have not had the opportunity until now. I really enjoyed my walk and was able to clear my head a little.

I'm still not clear on how to create my life while I'm here this time. I'm not sure what the future holds or what choices to make to create the life I desire. I did get an offer to go on private WWI/WWII tours in the fall, so the universe is sending possibilities my way.

Tonight I will take some time to journal everything and see what possibilities exist. Tomorrow I will go to the hospital and wait to talk to numerous doctors and see what other possibilities exist. Then we'll discuss things and move forward from there.

What choices did you make today that felt hard? How did you take care of yourself? What did you do to change your energy?

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