The Deeper Lessons of Travel

journaling travel wwii Jan 31, 2019

Today I have been preparing marketing pieces for a new webinar I will give, Walking In Their Footsteps, Travel Planning for your World War II Trip to Europe. As I prepare the webinar slides and marketing pieces, I have had the opportunity to look at photos I took while on several Europe trips. You could say I did a little time traveling today.

Looking at photos I have not looked at in a long time, I was reminded of special moments, spiritual experiences, love, loss, and lessons learned. Isn't this something we all do when we go through old photos? Consider the past and how we got from there to here? If you have followed me here or on my WWII Research & Writing Center website for any length of time, you know I am a spiritual person, always seeking to release the past and create more for my future.

Today was no different as I looked at my past through European travel. That travel has taught me many lessons.

  1. I am never alone. Even when I think I'm alone, I'm really not. There are many invisible entities watching over me and assisting me. All I have to do is call on them. Archangels, Creator/Spirit/God, Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, Guides, and Helpers. When I call on them, travel has more ease, surprises, and magic!
  2. The people we meet teach us or help us release the past. On my travels I have met many people I knew in some past life. Some were lovers, some were friends. Others I took care of when I was a nurse or healer - in this life those tend to be men who all behave in a certain way. That is my sign we were connected in this way in another life. People I have met that I did not recognize a connection with also played a role in teaching or releasing. The more we listen and are aware to what is being said or done through all these people, the more we can create new things for our future and release our past.
  3. I'm capable of more than I thought! On my first trip to Europe, I was with my parents. They handled everything and shuttled me from place to place. On my second trip I was completely alone. I created my itinerary and made the plans, rented the car and booked the flight. I spent three weeks traveling and even had my first flat tire ever! Everything was handled because the invisible entities and the people I met, contributed to me being ok and handling anything. Realizing or remembering we are capable of more than we think is important. It empowers us and allows us to do even "scarier" things in the future.
  4. Anything is possible. After my first trip I was worried I would not be able to afford to go back to Europe, even though my soul was telling me I HAD to. When the universe conspires to help you with something, things show up, if you pay attention. While on the plane back to the U.S. after the first trip, I found a United Airlines credit card offer for bonus miles. Knowing that would not help me get back to Europe later that year, it would help for future trips. Many future trips I was certain would happen somehow. That was just the first thing to help me get back. When we are open to anything showing up to contribute to our lives, anything is possible.
  5. Love can be found anywhere. I have so many lessons I could write here, but perhaps the most important is that love can be found anywhere. Often, where we least expect it. Little did I know my travels and interest in WWII would lead me to meet someone who would later introduce me to my now Dutch husband. More on that in my upcoming memoir to be released this spring. When we are open to any possibility, even love can show up and the universe will help you find a way to be together.

What lessons have you learned on your travels? Who did you meet? Did you find love? We'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

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