Choosing You First 3 May 2019 - When It Is Hard to See the Light


Whether you are a parent, caregiver, teacher, business owner, or in some other relationship where you are taking care of someone else, there can be dark days. It can be difficult to see the light.

The last week has been tough for a lot of reasons. I've found myself in a dark place and I know there is someone out there I should talk to - but I have no idea who that person is. The people I would like to talk to cannot "hear" or "receive" or understand what I need to say. So I am silent.

Silent is not always a good thing. Silence sometimes creates more worry, fear, negativity in your mind and body causing you to feel like there is no hope. It will never get better. The sun will never shine again. You have given up or lost it all and that's the end of the story. Fairy tales don't always end with 'happily ever after.' There is no reason to dream anymore because it doesn't work out anyway.

This morning I ran an errand and then my car took me to the park where I sat in the sun for a little while. The fact the sun was shining after four solid days of rain and storms was a blessing. My energy shifted a little.

I don't know if I'm at a turning point and crossroads right now or if I need to take a good look at everything and let some things and people go or choose something else.......or if my fears which I know are imaginary can just disappear and maybe things won't be as bad as they have been. It can be hard to let go of worry when the pattern for a long period of time has always been "that way".  It can be hard to feel safe to dream when all your dreams have been smashed over and over.

This is not the most positive article and video I've created but it is honest and raw. I know I'm not alone in feeling this. You are not alone either.

My invitation to you - and myself today and for the next week is to look for things to be grateful for. Gratitude can change our energy faster than other things.

And, maybe it is time to start dreaming again........

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