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Johan and I traveled to the Dutch/German border near Aachen and spent a few days exploring WWII history and contemplating family history. I did a lot of writing on this trip. Musings. Questions. Concerns. Joyful things. All of this was captured in my journal.

One thing that keeps showing up the longer I am in Europe on this trip is that history keeps repeating itself. We are not doing enough to stop this.


War is a distraction. Conflict is a distraction. These things keep us from the more important things in this life and reality. Yet, we continue to create them on a daily basis.

Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

I'm guilty of this. Sometimes when things are going really well there is a part of me waiting for the other shoe to drop. I might unconsciously find one thing to nag my husband about and create a conflict - small or large. Over the last year I try to be more aware of this and clear whatever is causing it. Yet there are times when I fail.

What would change in our lives, families, and reality if we started looking at the joyful things in life and stopped creating conflict and looking for distractions? What would change if we looked at the experiences of our family and ancestors and healed and let them go?

Why do we feel we have to carry the sins of the father everywhere we go, in everything we do, in everything we are, lifetime after lifetime?

Looping or Repeating History

As I discuss in my video, we seem to be ignoring history and what came before WWII or even WWI, and are re-creating it on some level today. We do the same thing in our families. So what is the answer? I think there are several, depending on what works for you and your beliefs.

  • Explore your family history. Write about it. Forgive the past. Let it go - find closure.
  • Explore the military history of your family. What roles did they play? Was it a choice or were they forced? How did war affect your family - in any generation?
  • Look at yourself. What things do you keep doing or creating in your life to create piles of poo and conflict rather than joyful moments and memories? Write about this.
  • Do some energy healing (Reiki, Access Consciousness, ThetaHealing, Meditation, Massage, etc.) to move the old energy out, clear the past of your life, that of your family, and your past lives. Remove the things that keep you stuck and in conflict.
  • Choose to be more aware. This means to notice when things trigger you or you start to create conflict. Look at the history of what you are creating and choose to clear it and let it go. Journal about it. Talk about it with friends and just let it go.

The release of the past does not always have to be done on a world or large scale. Starting with ourselves, we can clear many old programs, beliefs, sticky past life areas, triggers, and inherited trauma. This not only clears our life, body, heart, and soul, but that of all those connected to us in the past, present, and future. Choosing to clear and release the larger things, more global choices and consequences can create even greater change.

Are you ready to walk this path?

Want More?

Additional reading: for background on this trip and where some of my questions came from, you are invited to read the other articles I wrote where I touch on these topics.

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