Choosing You First 6 June 2019 - Questioning


Here we are once again in a space of uncertainty and questions. Anger, sadness, and a lot of other emotions all mixed up in my body. Am I numb or in a space of allowance of what is happening?

This week has not been easy - what started out as mostly positive news from doctors on Monday then led to emergency room visit and hospitalization by Wednesday. And in the Netherlands if you do not question, you do not pay attention to what is happening and do not advocate for yourself - not a lot gets done. So many things have not been done this week and today I started asking more questions.

It feels like this loop will keep repeating until we learn lessons. I don't know what Johan's are but I see one of mine is speaking my truth - always. Not fearing that he will resist what I say or not back me up or whatever he has done in the past. Just speaking my truth and let him choose. NO FEAR.

I've been living in fear far too long when it comes to some of this and his reaction. I do not have to prove what I KNOW intuitively. I just know. And when i listen to the voice that says do this or that - things work out. When I ignore it (like Monday at one doc appointment) we end up in a terrible situation. Had I questioned things Monday would he have ended up in hospital? Probably but we would have had answers sooner. Now we are in limbo.

My invitation to you this week is to look at the areas where you are not being authentic. Where you are living in fear. How can you shift that and be all of you without fear? What can you do differently to create your life in a new way?

I can say after speaking my truth the last two days I feel much freer. After listening to the voice and intuition tell me today not to go to the castle ruins but go to the hospital earlier than I planned was correct. Certain things needed to be addressed with nurses and doctors. Questions needed to be asked. And my husband did not resist and my knowing was backed up by his doctor. Moving forward - no fear in speaking my truth.

I wonder now what will shift in my life?

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