My Caregiver Journey 4 February 2019 - What Does Alone Mean to You?

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That word has many different means for different people. For caregivers, it can take on a more negative and low vibrational energy connotation if we are not conscious about shifting this.

Before I met Johan, the man who is now my husband, I was alone as a single mom for several years. All my friends told me when I got divorced that I needed to learn to be alone. It would be good for me. I thought they were nuts.

Turns out though, the year before I met Johan, I really enjoyed being alone when my boys were with their dad. I enjoyed my trip to Europe by myself. I enjoyed the freedom and felt like I was at the beginning of creating a new life for myself.

Then I met Johan and everything changed. No longer would I travel alone or do a lot of things alone, but there would be someone amazing by my side. We were not always together, living on two continents, but when we were, we made the most of our time when his health allowed.

Last year if you have followed my articles, things declined and while there was still some travel, it was not the quality or frequency of what it had been. This made me angry. Frustrated. Plus a lot of other emotions.

I began making peace with everything after my last trip to the Netherlands and chose to create my life in a different way so I would not stay stuck in that negative energy. This time, being here, it is really in my face that I will be doing more things alone if I wish to really explore for many hours and wander for kilometers.

This is just what it is. Will it change later? Maybe. Maybe not.

This concept of being alone at a time in my life I thought I'd be traveling and creating amazing things with my husband, has not been sitting well with me. And I've only been back in Europe a week and a half!

However, today I made the choice to continue creating my life and look for the gifts in all this. While I will not have a travel companion or wandering companion for many things I wish to do - I am ok going alone.

Perhaps I am even meant to go some places alone and experience things that are only for me.

It is not easy shifting this energy, but I a consciously doing it, little by little, step by step. The reality of it is, when the end comes - whenever that is - I will still travel and live my life. In some ways it is better to prepare and experience being alone again now rather than have that be one more thing to think about later.

My Questions For You

What is your alone in your life? How are you shifting the energy so it is not a constant negative thing? How are you enjoying that alone time? What gifts have you found in that? How will you use those gifts to create the life you desire?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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