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Would you like to move deeper into your genealogy and military research? To a place where no one else is going? To transform how you view yourself, your family, and military history? To discover new themes through which you can add to your research and writing? To heal some of the past and present?

Your Family's War Journey: A Transformational Master Class is like nothing else that exists in the genealogy and military research communities. Together with a small group of people (only7 are allowed in this session), you will read a book, discuss themes related to WWII, your family, history, genealogy, and more. While this course is foundationally based in WWII, the themes and topics we discuss apply to every family and every war.

This session will only be open to 7 people. It will run November 11, 18, 25, December 2, 9, 16, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. CST.

What People Are Saying.....
This class enriched and transformed my World War II family research quest in ways I could not have imagined. Jennifer Holik is a gifted facilitator who helped me to unearth memories, make unexpected connections between past and present, and clarify the direction of my WWII project.  Her extensive knowledge and rare intuition, along with the well-organized curriculum, created a warm and productive virtual environment for learning and sharing insights with a wonderful group of participants. As I move forward, I plan to make frequent use of the generous amount of helpful materials that the course makes available to view or download following the sessions. I highly recommend this class to all who are drawn to discovering and understanding how war and its aftermath have affected them and their loved ones.

~~~~ Janet B. July 2019 Participant

You can view the video and detailed information page to learn more about this course and what you receive. Registration is also available on this page.

If you have questions about the course and how it may contribute to your research, writing, and family and personal stories, please ask. Email us at [email protected] to ask questions.

I hope to see you in this upcoming session. This course changes lives. Are you ready to change yours?

If this session does not work with your schedule, ask to be notified about the January Early Bird registration. You also have the option to take the self-paced Master Class which does not offer this group facilitation.

What People Are Saying.....The Master Class course provided a structured approach, utilizing writing/journaling, as a process to help heal, both mentally and physically, trauma inflicted, through a variety of forms, upon our memory.  

In the webinar sessions, class participants from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, candidly discussed the assigned course material. In the reading and dissecting, via webinar, previously read sections of a book, authored by: Janelle Kaye, titled: Reconciliation With War: A Family Journey.

Integrated into the course material discussion, as a natural flow, was the sharing by individual participants, of their own life experiences; thereby, fostering a bound of trust, and healing among them.

The course material was well thought out, and presented. For myself, it’s an additional form, by which to release, and heal, along with my practice of Contemplation, and Meditation. 

I highly recommend taking this course as a means, to look at (Contemplate), reflect upon (Meditate), and heal (Grace), any trauma related effects you may be harboring.  ~~ Chris J. July 2019 Participant

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