Memoir Cover Release - I Bring Dead Guys Home

Available 9 April 2019 on Amazon.

I never envisioned in my wildest imagination, a life like the one I have. Who creates a life like this on two continents? Who transforms their reality, business, and life, multiple times in only a few years? Who sticks around when the unimaginable happens right after you meet someone?

Jennifer Holik chose a new path in June 2012 when she moved out with her boys and filed for divorce. She did not expect that six months later, when she acknowledged her spiritual gifts, her entire life would transform.

Several dead guys, primarily World War I and World War II service members, had already shown up in Jennifer’s world. Many others entered her life at the exact moment they were required. Listening to their whispers, Jennifer followed the energy and created a life and business no one she knew had dared to create.

Travel through time and space, across the ocean, and through Europe, where love knows no boundaries. On this journey, Jennifer explores the...

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My Caregiver Journey 18 March 2019 - The Ebb & Flow of Balance & Consistency


I am back in the states for not quite a week and getting back on track with work, errands, exercise, and everything else. When I was at the gym this morning on the bike, with the intention of sprinting like I did with my trainer before I headed to Europe in January, my body said NO.

What?! No? Really?

I fell off the exercise wagon in the Netherlands when I was there. I did one day at home then the next week got the flu and spent about 5 days sleeping more or less. Did two days of walking and then my husband went back into the hospital. Although I did get one day of walking in while he was there because I went to Naarden and recorded a video there.

Otherwise, I maintained my weight, moved when we were out of the house and 90% stuck to my healthy eating and drinking habits. Now that I'm home and determined to shed some weight and further change my diet - my body is saying I have to start over. Not completely but close.

So how do we maintain consistency and balance in our lives and...

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My Caregiver Journey 14 March 2019 - Jetlag, Good News & Energy


I'm a bit late posting my caregiver video this week and that's ok. A lot happened and I traveled home from the Netherlands to Chicago.

Today I am jetlagged and keep losing focus so this week's article will be short. I plan to do some journaling later on my trip, what happened with the doctors, the hospital visit, all the things I was angry/irritated/upset about and how today it seems to have all led up to some good news.

When I look at what we didn't choose which contributed to Johan ending up in the hospital again, combined with multiple conversations with doctors (some of whom we'd never spoken to before!), and the outcome that changed our lives in a major way, I can see how that all led to changing the energy of what happened today.

One thing we did before and after the hospital, was to work with an energy healer. We also started asking a lot of questions to the doctors, universe, and ourselves.  My point of view is ANYTHING is possible. It seems the combination of...

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My Caregiver Journey 4 March 2019 - Why Can't I Travel?


What do you mean I cannot travel anymore?!

Spring is in the air here in the Netherlands and each day the trees bud out more, the small bushes are greener or leaves are fully open. The daffodils and crocuses are blooming everywhere. I even saw a roundabout in Arnhem filled with purple crocuses. It was gorgeous!

As spring arrives, people start thinking about their summer or holiday travel. Well, most people. Caregivers and their patients may be avoiding that topic all together due to many walls that stand in their way.

I've read a lot of comments in caregiving groups about avoiding travel, or not thinking about it ,and having only a few friends on FB who do not travel so they do not have to look at photos all day long on their feed.

Does it REALLY have to be this way or is there another possibility?

When I began traveling in Europe in 2015, I knew it would be something I would do for the rest of my life. I HAD to travel. So many of my past lives were bound up in the earth here that to...

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My Caregiver Journey 28 February 2019 - What is Success to You?


I love deep conversations. Conversations with questions that fry your brain and make you stop and go.....WHAT?!  Sadly the last couple of years, I do not have enough of those kinds of conversations with real living people sitting across from me, to satisfy me. There are a lot of reasons for this - one is self-isolation I was doing. The other is working alone, with a lot of dead people who do not talk for very long, and the pressure of 'having to work or else' which causes a reaction of not going out to have fun or meet new people.

This week I had one of those deep conversations for almost three hours and it totally shifted my reality. I met with a Dutch doctor to discuss WWII research (his project) and caregiving and hospice (things I am working on and experiencing for personal and professional). Through a very open, honest, "I'm gonna ask you possibly uncomfortable questions" energy conversation he asked a question that fried me.

What do you consider success as a caregiver?...

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My Caregiver Journey 25 February 2019 - Questioning Identity


Everyone struggles from time to time wondering who they are, especially after a major event or trauma occurs.

Caregivers may slowly, almost imperceptibly slide into an identity of only being a caregiver. They may forget who they really are.

At some point in 2018, I slipped into this identity of caregiver. That seemed to be all I was or could be or identified with. I forgot how amazing, brilliant, beautiful, inspirational, funny, and awesome I truly am.

My focus has been primarily on my husband's health and well-being the last three years, with more emphasis since early 2018. When I am in the Netherlands or we are together in Chicago - I feel primarily I am a caregiver. When I'm alone in Chicago with my boys - I'm mom or business woman. Yet I forget sometimes I'm all these things and so much more all the time. I am ever evolving!

I think from time to time, whether we are a caregiver or not, we must stop and explore who we are. We must not forget or ignore out amazing, intelligent,...

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My Caregiver Journey 11 February 2019 - Seriously? There are Healthy People Outside my House?


The last week has not been one I have particularly enjoyed. I am a woman who almost never gets a cold. I haven't had the flu for at least 10 years. I do what I can to stay healthy and drink a tremendous amount of lemon water so I do not get sick. When I am sick, things do not get done and there is always a risk my husband will get sick and that could land him in the hospital.

My body in its infinite wisdom started not feeling quite right a weekend ago. I thought I had an energetic thing going on as there were geomagnetic storms happening. Johan's chemo was bumped by a week so it was to take place last Tuesday. Somehow I knew after we came home, I would probably be sick. I just did not expect the flu.

So the woman who almost never gets sick and feels guilty about taking full days off where she doesn't think about work had no choice but to sleep. I slept most of Wednesday through Saturday with one outing for groceries and another Friday for a short lunch. Hubby was not feeling well...

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My Caregiver Journey 4 February 2019 - What Does Alone Mean to You?

caregiver caregiving Feb 04, 2019


That word has many different means for different people. For caregivers, it can take on a more negative and low vibrational energy connotation if we are not conscious about shifting this.

Before I met Johan, the man who is now my husband, I was alone as a single mom for several years. All my friends told me when I got divorced that I needed to learn to be alone. It would be good for me. I thought they were nuts.

Turns out though, the year before I met Johan, I really enjoyed being alone when my boys were with their dad. I enjoyed my trip to Europe by myself. I enjoyed the freedom and felt like I was at the beginning of creating a new life for myself.

Then I met Johan and everything changed. No longer would I travel alone or do a lot of things alone, but there would be someone amazing by my side. We were not always together, living on two continents, but when we were, we made the most of our time when his health allowed.

Last year if you have followed my articles, things...

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My Caregiver Journey 29 January 2019 - How are you this week?

caregiver caregiving Jan 29, 2019

A quick check-in from the Netherlands where this week are asking for answers again.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was very low-key. Hubby is not feeling well so we took it easy and went to the golf club for the best burger in the country. Had a long leisurely lunch while the sun played hide and seek with the rain clouds - the usual here in the winter. We enjoyed a quiet evening at home before today's appointments.

I could have sunk into the 'oh the weather is cold, rainy, and grey and it's my birthday and we aren't doing anything big' energy but I did not. Instead I was grateful for being here even with the grey rain than at home in Chicago where it is going to be so cold that records will be set! Grateful for so many small things yesterday and THAT made a huge difference in the energy and made it a beautiful day with my hubby.

I have made it a point not to sink into the negative energy. Lots of factors at play this time but I'm using my caregiver journal, taking time to...

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My Caregiver Journey 14 January 2019


The last week has had its ups and downs as I prepare to head back to Europe to be with my husband. I fell back into an energetic pattern of which I have been aware and done nothing to shift. Well last night, my body said END IT! Learn what I'm doing to shift out of this pattern in the video.

What energetic patterns are you aware of that need to shift so you can take better care of yourself and create your life?

© 2019 Jennifer Holik Finding the Answers Journey

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