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Energetic Tools for the New Year

Hosted by Jennifer Holik

This program is 1.5 hours long.


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Are you ready to start creating a higher vibratory and more joyful energy for 2021? Join me for this 1.5 hour program in which we will hold sacred space and learn ways to use energetic tools to create more ease and balance in our lives. I will take you on a journey through meditative states into several energetic tools.

Learn grounding tools to help you remain connected to the earth.

Learn centering tools to bring you back to your body in moments of stress.

Explore boundaries and protection tools to keep your energy levels high.

Finally, learn a presencing tool to help you tune in to your body and those around you in conversation and relationship.

This program will be held by Zoom meeting. You are encouraged to have your camera on during the program. Participants will be muted during each exercise. There will be time for Q&A and explanation of each tool before it is taught.

You will leave this program with examples of ways to keep your energy levels high and stay grounded in your body and energy field. A replay will be available and you have access to this program for one year after purchase.


Your Facilitator - Jennifer Holik

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Watch a short video about Jennifer’s work and mission.

I am an intuitive healer, empath, and medium on a mission to help people Find the Answers to their family and military histories. Discovering the true stories of our families allow for family patterns, inherited trauma, and secrets to rise. This provides an opportunity to take a deeper look at our research and families to allow for healing and closure.

For more than 20 years I have studied genealogical records. For over a decade I have studied every branch of the military and their records for World War II. You can find my webinars and online courses on the WWII Education website.

Living both in the U.S., and Europe and having witnessed battlefields and burial sites, hearing stories, and understanding context, I am in a unique position to help clients heal on both sides of the ocean.  I understand both the genealogy and military records and what information, secrets, patterns, inherited trauma, feelings, and emotions they may share. Through a decade of study in many aspects of ancestral lineage healing, energy healing modalities, inherited trauma, PTSD, grief & loss, caregiving, and spirituality, I now help clients process what comes up through the research in facilitation sessions. You can learn more about this side of my business on the Ancestral Souls website and the linked course website, Finding the Answers Journey.



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