Your Family's War Journey: A Transformational Master Class

Hosted by Jennifer Holik, WWII Research & Writing Center and Finding the Answers Journey

The first step on your transformation journey begins

This exclusive master class is open to only 10 people.

This class will change how you research and write!

Journey with Jennifer as your travel guide, through your family's history, their WWII story, and your own story. On this journey you will read a life-changing book.

Together with a core group of people, we will discuss issues and emotions around the themes of war, religion, women's themes, spirituality, family, stories, trauma, inherited trauma, caregiver issues, secrets, shame, guilt, PTSD, and many other topics that come from the book, my questions, and your experiences.

You will explore your family’s history and dive into who you are with this knowledge. You will even begin to write your own stories.

We will use the book "Reconciliation with War" by Janelle Kaye and Charles Willshire as a foundation to transformation. You are required to purchase the book. Details are in the confirmation email you receive upon registration.

"Your Family's War Journey Masterclass with Jennifer Holik was the perfect way for me to understand the context and importance of my lifelong desire to write about my uncle's World War II service and to get me writing! The tools and technologies were state of the art, and I can say that having successfully taught graduate classes for 20 years in nationally accredited programs. Maybe best of all is Jennifer's insight, encouragement, and vast store of connections to pursue answers. I would encourage anyone with a WWII story to pursue, to get on board here! "

Barbara Smith, Ph.D.

What You Receive

In combination with the book "Reconciliation with War: A Family Journey From WWII Heroism to PTSD and Transformation", Jennifer will help transform your family and military research, writing, and life.


Participants receive seven weeks of group facilitation through live Zoom webinars where everyone is a panelist. 

Dates: July 15, 22, 29, August 5, 12, 19, and 26 at 8:00 p.m. CDT

A $3,200 value!

Access to Community

As part of this masterclass, you have access to the Community, in which we will hold additional discussions, you can post questions, discuss topics with your classmates, writing segments, or resources.

Community opens 15 July 2019.

A $1,500 value!

Research and Writing Education

Participants receive some military research and writing education through reading assignments, writing assignments, checklists, and videos.

A $2,500 value!

One-on-One Coaching/Facilitation

You may schedule one coaching/facilitation session for an hour with Jennifer. Our session will be done in a Zoom meeting, recorded, and sent to you with some notes. We can discuss your research or writing topics, blocks, or other issues. Must be scheduled between July 22 and August 26.

$450 value!

Bonus Content

You receive bonus content resources which include videos with checklists to help you with your military research. An Ebook to help you get started with your military research. An Ebook to help you write your stories. A video to help start your projects off on the right foot. Jennifer's memoir, I Bring Dead Guys Home, in Ebook format to give you another example of writing a story. You also receive additional resources throughout the course.

A $350 value!

Certificate of Completion

Participants will receive a certificate of completion and an invitation to the next class in the Certification Program I am developing.


Register for the Master Class

Are you ready to embark on a journey to transform your life, your research, and your writing?

Master Class Targets

1. To expose you to one powerful and emotive way to write a family history, military history, or memoir.

2. To understand one woman's story of her family's war and the healing and transformation possible. Through her story, explore your female ancestors' stories.

3. To discuss with others the issues from the war that lingered long past 1945. Secrets, trauma, shame, guilt, PTSD, physical impairment, inherited trauma, and other topics. What can we learn and how can we change the world through processing our family's issues?

4. To help you begin to find answers and closure to some of your family's past. Within this, to possibly bring closure to issues in your own life.

5. To begin writing your stories, whether they are family history, military history, or your memoir.

6. To provide education on military research and writing.

7. To provide you with the facilitation/coaching experience so you are aware how it can benefit your projects.

8. To provide you with the tools and strategies required to continue after this class with your research and writing.

9. To connect you with other people on a similar journey, with whom you can remain connected after the class ends.

"The course and the book have really amplified my sensitivity to various memories from the past. Another coincidence from yesterday was a conversation with the woman sitting next to me at the courthouse while we were filling out our surveys. We connected because we both have daughters getting married in four weeks. She has her own counseling business. I asked her if they handle PTSD. She said yes and that K-9 therapy was one of the methods working for them. Interesting! Her comment to me about PTSD was that it affected more than just the victim and it could last for years....stuff we have been talking about. "


What I Ask of You

I ask you to commit and participate in all readings, assignments, and facilitation sessions. I ask for your honest feedback throughout the course.

Master Class Access

The master class is designed to help you focus on the journey through your family and military history as well as your own story. Each week requires you to read just under 100 pages and do homework before the webinar discussion. I created this format to give you a sense of urgency and help you focus on our targets. I will help you find answers, closure, and heal the past as you explore your history and write the stories.

The Welcome Area and Community open 8 July 2019. You will be able to complete the assessment in the welcome area and introduce yourself in the community.

Your first assignment is released 8 July 2019. The first live facilitation webinar is 15 July 2019. The final facilitation webinar is 26 August.

You have access to the masterclass and all it's contents for one year. This gives you time to view the live facilitation webinars and videos more than once, catch up on some writing, comment on the modules, and explore other resources.

Register for the Master Class

Are you ready to embark on a journey to transform your life, your research, and your writing?

Meet Your Guide, Jennifer Holik

Jennifer Holik, founder and Worldwide Coordinator of the World War II Research and Writing Center and Finding the Answers Journey. Watch a short video about Jennifer’s work and mission.

On the military side of her business, she helps people Find the Answers and closure to their family stories, secrets, and questions. Through her work, her clients find answers and peace they otherwise may not have found. For the last decade, Jennifer is responsible for expanding the 20th century military research education arena through her research guides, programs, webinars and online courses.

On the possibility side of her business, Finding the Answers Journey, Jennifer focuses on helping people dive deeper into their life stories and secrets, and their family’s stories and secrets, to find answers, peace, and closure. She accomplishes this through workshops, webinars, a book club, and providing caregiving resources.

As a caregiver to her Dutch husband, she understands the challenges caregivers face on every level. Jennifer is a writing coach who helps people craft their life’s narrative. She is also an intuitive business coach, helping clients discover all the possibilities available to help them create their best life.

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