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Finding the Answers Journey

Finding the Answers Journey is a new resource which emerged from her work in the WWII Research and Writing Center. Finding the Answers Journey will help you, through free and paid resources, to Find the Answers to questions in your past, your family's past, and the military past of your family.

Jennifer has studied family history, WWI and WWII for over 20 years. She has developed unique resources and tools to help people learn more about their family's history and military history, even when everyone else says there are no records.

Using her capacities as an empath, medium, and healer, Jennifer helps people work through the issues and emotions that come from family and military research. She uses research, speaking, facilitation, and writing to help clients clear issues of the past, choose something new and create change in their lives.

Finding the Answers Journey will be providing online courses, webinars, and additional resources to help you heal the past and find closure.

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