Caregiver Resources

Caregivers, for wounded veterans or family members who are ill or aging, all share things in common.

  • A sense of grief over what was lost.
  • Anticipated grief over what may come or what will come.
  • Fear of losing the one you love.
  • Frustration over getting the help you require for the person you are taking care of.
  • Feeling like you are not heard, understood, or taken seriously.
  • Loss of connection with other people as you try to cope with the changes in your life.
  • Loss of time and energy to take care of yourself.
  • Anger that most of your energy is given to someone else leaving no room for you.
  • Concern on how to balance life (caregiving, work, kids, spouse, parents, friends, self)
  • Living with daily uncertainty or moment by moment changes.
  • Wondering how you will go on when they are gone and handle what is required.
  • Caregiver burnout.
  • PTSD triggers.
  • And a multitude of other emotions.

This section will provide resources to help you, as a caregiver, cope with what is, take care of yourself, and heal your life.

The American Institute for Stress

The Caregiver Space

Department of Veteran Affairs Caregiver Support

Family Caregiver Alliance

Hidden Heroes - Caring for Hidden Heroes, Elizabeth Dole Foundation

Mark Wolynn - Inherited Family Trauma

National Institute on Aging - Caregiving

National VFW

PsychArmor Institute

You can also google specific terms like Anticipatory Grief, Caregiver burner, Compassion Fatigue, etc. to find additional resources.


Why is Anticipatory Grief so Powerful?

What is Compassion Fatigue?

Energetic Healing Modalities

Access Consciousness

Reiki - Google this to learn more.

Sacred Activations


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