Roots & the Soul

A Basic Introduction
to topics related to
Lineage Healing

Hosted by Jennifer Holik

Recorded from a Live Broadcast

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A Basic Introduction to topics related to Ancestral Lineage Healing.

While holding space and providing a safe, sacred environment, I will explore topics related to Ancestral Lineage Healing which include: grief, loss, trauma, family secrets, family patterns, family parallels, caregiving, spirituality and religion, PTSD, racism, LGBTQI, genealogical topics, inherited trauma, and the effects of the war on families in addition to the veteran.

During the exploration you may become aware of how your personal story and life choices have been affected by the past and your family. Everything is connected and there are many parallels and patterns beneath the surface facts we tend to gather about our families.

You will leave this webinar with a basic understanding of many topics which you can then explore.

Includes a 14 page workbook!

Your Facilitator - Jennifer Holik

Find Jennifer on all her sites and social media.

War II Research and Writing Center and Finding the Answers Journey. Watch a short video about Jennifer’s work and mission.

On the military side of her business, she helps people Find the Answers and closure to their family stories, secrets, and questions. Through her work, her clients find answers and peace they otherwise may not have found. For the last decade, Jennifer is responsible for expanding the 20th century military research education arena through her research guides, programs, webinars and online courses.

On the possibility side of her business, Finding the Answers Journey, Jennifer focuses on helping people dive deeper into their life stories and secrets, and their family’s stories and secrets, to find answers, peace, and closure. She accomplishes this through workshops, webinars, a book club, and providing caregiving resources.

As a caregiver to her Dutch husband, she understands the challenges caregivers face on every level. Jennifer is a writing coach who helps people craft their life’s narrative. She is also an intuitive business coach, helping clients discover all the possibilities available to help them create their best life.


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