Read, Write, & Explore with "The Winter Garden"

Welcome to Read, Write, Explore: Winter Garden!

This is the first installment in our new book club that will be launched in March 2019. Most book club offerings will also have a live webinar as part of the product.

READ! Books allow us to escape into another world when our lives become too much to handle. Escape is something many of us crave and enjoy. Books can show us new paths and possibilities which allow us to create a different future for ourselves. They can even help us sort out, heal and release parts of our family history, military history, and family secrets.

WRITE! Using writing prompts and author reading guide questions, you will combine reading with journaling. The paths and possibilities we become aware of as we read, expand when we write them down and examine them more closely. Looking back on your writing weeks or months later, offers you a different perspective of questions and people in your life about which you wrote. It also may give you a measure of how you may have changed since you read the book.

EXPLORE! Through this book, reading guide questions, and writing prompts, you will be encouraged to look at areas of your life that feel happy and full of possibilities, and also those areas that feel stuck or negative in some way. Exploring yourself through writing you will Find the Answers to your questions and family stories, create closure, and new possibilities for your future. Additionally, you might discover through journaling, that you have the start of an article, family history, or memoir.

Be open to where the book and writing will take you. It could be the start of a grand new adventure!

What You Need

A copy of Kristin Hannah's Winter Garden.

A journal and pen or your laptop or iPad. Whatever you enjoy using to write and gather your thoughts.

Downloadable guides provided in this product.


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