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"One of my goals for 2018 was to be more open to new experiences and opportunities. I learned about Access Consciousness from Jennifer Holik and consulted with her to run my bars to give me a read about the energy that was surrounding me. After our session, I felt like a big weight had been lifted from me and let the energy guide me in my personal and work decisions. Jennifer helped me gain an awareness that must have been there all along, but I had been blocking it. She was able to sense things I thought about and felt but never told anyone. From our consultation, I emerged with a new way of looking at all of people and decisions which have brought me to where I am now, and I am listening more intently to what the universe is telling me about each new opportunity or choice that presents itself."

Facilitation Testimonial

"For the past 72 years I’ve thought about and tried to research the short life of my oldest brother William Edward Jones Jr. He was KIA on 13 January 1945 during the Battle of the Bulge somewhere in Belgium. Bill was sixteen years older than me, my godfather, but I have no memory of him since the family was split up not long after my birth. If you believe in serendipity or things happening without explanation then you’ll understand when I say that he reached out to me on several occasions throughout my life, through strangers who knew him in life, or guided me to places and situations that unveiled his life for me to see. My latest unexplained encounter with him took place January 2017, I was doing some ancestry research. All of my previous attempts when I reached out to the War Dept. were unsuccessful as all of the records pertaining to his service had been destroyed in a fire in 1973. Somehow during my research I’d entered the Ancestry Blog site, on the screen in front of me was an article written by guest writer Jennifer Holik, the title “Writing Stories from the Heart” caught my attention, and I decided to read it. Jennifer described in this article her search for information about her cousin James Privoznik, who was KIA during the Battle of the Bulge on 11 January 1945. It wasn’t lost upon my sub-conscious that this was the same battle Bill was KIA just two days later, it also didn’t escape my mind that this was the month of January, and I was here reading this by chance or serendipity. I felt that it was Bill guiding me to uncover and learn about his life during WWII. I also knew from my past attempts I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own, so I contacted Jennifer through her website, in the hope of engaging her help. Fortunately she was able to take on researching for me Bill’s service, which she completed this August 2017. I now have a comprehensive picture of his life during his military service from his induction to his death. There was also the added bonuses of family history, like letters from my mother and father regarding the disposition of bill’s remains and personal effects. Jennifer who traveled to Belgium for personal reasons, and to participate in this May’s Memorial Day services, took time to provide for me present day pictures, and videos of the towns he fought in and monuments erected to the 30th division. I really can’t adequately express my emotions or appreciation for Jennifer’s efforts. It was truly a labor of love. "

Research & Facilitation Testimonial
Clarence L. Jones

"Well my Dad really didn’t talk about the war. He had 3 framed pages of missions on the wall and that’s about it. We just knew that he had asked for a military funeral, but no one knew the extent of his service. Dad was 95 and had Alzheimer’s so it was way too late to ask. As Jennifer worked, the material started to come in. I remember staring at the first Daily Operations Report. There it was, that handwriting, the number “8”. It was his. Dad never wrote a diary, but he could easily spread a math equation over 2 sheets of graph paper. There I sat paralyzed with emotion as the reality of my Dad’s service sunk in. He was 95 and had come down with pneumonia so I had asked Jennifer to write a brief summary of his service before she left on an extended trip. Dad passed about a week after the summary was completed. The summary that Jennifer wrote bore witness to Dad’s history which would have easily been lost. As Taps was played for him, we all knew the depth of his service and patriotism. I’m still going through the research, a new revelation every time I sit down to read it. It has all revealed a different level of my Dad’s character that I didn’t think I could respect more, but apparently I can. Thank you Jennifer. "

Research & Writing Testimonial
Ted Smith

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