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Choosing Your First: A Caregiver's Journal

Do you feel overwhelmed as a caregiver and are not sure where to turn for support and strength? Are you aware what you require is energetically inside of you rather than only available from outside sources? Did you know you can choose you first and create your life even within the parameters of what currently “is” your life? Are you aware that by choosing you first, you can more often remain in a positive energetic state, even while providing care in challenging circumstances?If you feel overwhelmed, I understand, and I can help. I have been where you are a couple of times and am going through my third round that will have no fairy tale happy ending.

Knowing the stresses we face as caregivers and the limited time we have for our self-care, I designed this journal to help you focus on the positive aspects of your life, your transformative periods, how you are creating your reality, and to celebrate your successes. There is no room here for the negative.In this six month journal, my wish for you with this journal, is that you consciously choose yourself first and flow more easily into the energy of what is possible, leaving behind the energy of constant stress and negativity. The more you consciously choose for you, the faster your life will transform. The unknown will not feel as scary and you will be able to flow more with the energy rather than resist and react in unhealthy ways. Finally, remember to celebrate your successes, large and small. We can create a different possibility for our life when we consciously create and choose for ourselves.

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