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How can I help you? Are you looking for a writing coach? Caregiving resources and courses? Intuitive business coaching? Please explore our primary services below.

Holistic Healing Facilitation

Read my article which explains our holistic healing facilitation options. Ask me how I can help!

Intuitive Business Coach

Are you ready to shift the energy of your business? Are you ready to create in new and different ways but are unsure how to begin? Are you looking for new possibilities to create your life and business?

I help people just like you discover what their heart and soul, combined with their business, would really like to create. Using energetic tools and the possibilities of the universe with facilitation, I help you explore the possibilities available to create more in your business and life.

Ask me how I can help!

Writing Coach

Are you interested in writing your story? Would you like to take your writing to a deeper level to create a more meaningful story? I offer one-on-one writing coaching in which we explore what you are writing, your research, your questions and observations, and look at the deeper issues that surface.

I have the capacity to:

  • Help clients define and clear the many threads of story and information in their heads to create a writing project plan and book outline.
  • Review research prior to you writing your draft. Suggest additional sources if there are gaps.
  • Help you organize your materials and photos.
  • Provide content suggestions of your started draft by looking at what is written between the lines – either by the client or those who created the documents with which the client is working.
  • Help clients refine their writing project from concept to draft to finished product.
  • Edit your book.

The sessions are great for people who:

  • Are exploring their family stories, research, and their lives.
  • Need some help removing the blocks that stand in their way.
  • Connect to the energy of what’s possible but are unsure how to get from point A to point B.
  • Choose to write articles.
  • Choose to write and publish a book.

Did you write a book and would like a review or endorsement? Contact us for pricing options.

Ask me how I can help!

Are you looking for the military research side of my business? Please visit the World War II Research and Writing Center to explore our services in military research, speaking and education, and writing. We specialize in all 20th century wars - World War I, World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam.

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