Chakra Balancing & Clearing Session

Our Chakra system holds a lot of patterning from this life and past lives that can hold us back.

Join me on a chakra balancing and clearing journey to help you remove some of these patterns.

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Explore the Benefits of a Chakra Clearing

The chakras are power centers within our bodies which hold immense power to help us balance our energy fields, bodies and lives. When in balance,  clear and open, the chakras can help us manifest our dreams and live a more balanced, joyful life.

When the power centers are out of balance or closed off due to limiting beliefs and patterns, which may have started at birth or from past lives, it can create chaos and negative events and experiences in our lives. We can choose to live with this or do some inner work to clear out these layers of limitations.

Sometimes in clearing the chakras we also clear out energy cords between you and a person, place, thing, time dimension, or reality to which you are corded, or someone/something has corded to you. Clearing these cords and releasing them also creates more space in your life and restores some of your energy which may have been leaking, stolen, or given away.

When we clear and balance our energy centers, it may have a dramatic impact on our health, life, relationships, ability to create abundance, and more. This impact can show up in numerous ways.

Below are a few of the things that happen within each center and a few things we can clear. I invite you to join me for a one-hour session to clear blocks and limiting beliefs from your chakra system. What space can we create in your life to allow you to manifest new things?

Root Chakra

The center for Home, Body, Abundance, and Tribe. Clear out patterns and layers related to movement, finances, safety and security, fear, family patterns and negative survival instincts.

Sacral Chakra

The center for passion, creativity, sensuality, sexuality, feminine energy. Clear out patterns around sense of self, Feminine power, anger, guilt, shame, relationships, boundaries & judgments.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The center for your personal power, manifesting your reality, setting boundaries, feeling overwhelm or confusion. Clear out limiting beliefs, co-dependency and take back your power.

Heart Chakra

The center for your emotions behind actions. In this center we can clear out fear, anger, sadness, depression, rejection, trauma and allow you to be more open to receive love. 

Throat Chakra

The center where you speak your truth and what is in your heart. We can clear out limiting beliefs & emotions, past persecution, trauma, and the feeling you have not been heard or seen.

Third Eye Chakra

The center in which you access your intuition - your sight. We can clear self-doubt, distraction, addiictions, and allow you to access more of your Divine Intuitive gifts.

Crown Chakra

The center that allows the Divine Light and Love of God/Source/Creator to enter your energy system & body. We can clear patterns that keep you from connecting to Divine Light, Love, and Soul Information.

Purchase a 1 Hour Session