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I invite you to explore the Ancestral Souls Wisdom School website where I have moved my products and services. My mailing list is also now linked there. Click the links below to be taken to the new website.

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Did you know we hold trauma and emotions in our chakra energy system? When we release layers of stuck energy, our lives can transform more easily. Are you ready to explore this option?

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Ancestral Lineage Healing Webinars & Courses

We now offer webinars and classes related to Ancestral Lineage Healing and related topics. Explore the healing possibilities of your family and self today.

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We know ancestral and personal healing, genealogy & military research & writing can become difficult and uncomfortable. We offer private Zoom facilitation sessions to help you remove blocks, heal family patterns, find answers, resources, create research and writings plans, and find closure.

Explore our Ancestral Souls Wisdom School store.


Our articles cover the deeper issues we find in our family and military history research, our personal exploration of life, and caregiving experiences. Click Articles on the menu bar to explore all my articles and videos.


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