Choosing You First 20 May 2019 - Needs

caregiver caregiving create your life raising kids May 20, 2019

May is a month of intense energy and tremendous transformation. Energy workers are talking about this and many of us are feeling it.

In times like this it is helpful to step back and allow some things to shift and release. It is less stressful for us. Stop fighting the change. 

It is also helpful to find new ways to care for ourselves - meditation, exercise, nutrition, nature, hobbies, could be anything. 

One of the big transitions happening for me is around the word/theme NEED.

On the caregiver side of life - asking for what I need from my husband has not really happened in a long time. I shoved my needs aside to care for him and not add more stress to his situation. Now that he is stable, I made a list of my needs and am exploring before we discuss - what can I ask him to fill and where can I have them filled elsewhere?

On the mom side of life. My oldest graduates high school this week and my twins 8th grade. Seeing my baseball guy have a terrible game this weekend and his not wanting me to comfort him at all - well that brought up a lot. And make me question if my kids need me. They are teenagers not toddlers who you can kiss their boo boos and all is ok. This is reality of growing up. For me right now it feels more intense. So I'm questioning a lot - how can I be different and what do they need from me and where do I feel I must be needed by them?

Questioning our needs or being needed is not wrong in my point of view. We are not selfish for asking someone to help us or do something for us. There should be a give and take in life. 

My invitation to you this week is to question your needs. List them. Talk to those who can help fill them or find ways they can be filled. 

How might that change the energy of your life?

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