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The World War II Research and Writing Center and Finding the Answers Journey, where we Find the Answers to your military research questions and family stories, is now offering facilitation services.

Every client I work with requires something different which makes each project I work on unique. Some clients want the facts and only the facts ma’am. Some arrive with questions that require answers to give them peace and closure. Others arrive with one thing in mind and the energy of requiring more, which they may not be able to put into words.

I have the capacity to understand the energy of what is required. When clients are able to receive facilitation to move deeper into the records and information to get the answers they need, I can provide that.

What is research facilitation? It is a conversation, sometimes more than one, to bring awareness to a client about the impact of the information they have received on a family member. For example, I worked with a client who researched a family member who was Killed In Action during World War II when the client was a small child. Children process things differently than adults and often have unanswered questions. Children also assume things are one way when in reality, they may be another way.

As an adult seeking information on the family member, through the research, the client became aware of family issues that were not discussed and emotions rose he was not expecting as he read certain documents. Through a few facilitation sessions via email over a couple of months, we were able to talk through many of these things so the client better understood the importance of what was provided through the research project. The client received answers, closure, and healing through the facilitation. The client also shared the research and the facilitation with his family which brought a shift in their lives. The research on this family member brought the past to the present and provided much closure to old family stories, drama, trauma, and helped the client understand as an adult, what he may not have been able to as a child.

What is writing facilitation? This facilitation requires that I first read your writing project. Then through facilitation, we discuss your goals, what may be missing from your writing, explore the deeper layers, and allow me to ask you the more difficult questions about your story. All of these possibilities allow you to go deeper into the story to provide answers and closure for yourself and those who read your final product.

Facilitation can take place via a phone call, or a private Zoom video call which can be recorded and shared with the client. Through these avenues we can discuss the specific questions or issues that arise during the research process and move toward closure and answers.

Would you like to take your research to a deeper level through holistic healing facilitation? I’d love to walk with you on that journey.

Contact us for information and fees for all our services.

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