Vulnerability & Sitting With What Can’t Be Verbalized

caregiver caregiving create your life healing vulnerability May 05, 2019

I'm a bit early on this week's video and was late on last week's, which you can watch on our page or YouTube or website, but things are shifting. I've been in a space I've had trouble verbalizing things or shifting out of - but know I'm on the edge of a cliff and it is time to jump. Time to drop the old stories and bless and forgive the patterns that have been - they no longer need to BE.

Time to move into this next phase with no fear. But honestly I'm scared. Even in my dreams things are showing up.

Fear isn't real but lately it feels real. Part of me is scared to be excited about much or know that things are getting better. Scared to believe anything better is possible. Deep in my soul though, I know it is. However when you think what you feel will not be understood by those closest to you - it makes it hard to be vulnerable and share.

I've done a lot of journaling the last week on many topics - dumping it all out of me. Looking for things to pivot on and be grateful for.

My invitation to you through this video is to sit with your stuff and get vulnerable with yourself. Sometimes we have to dig deep, be vulnerable with ourselves before we can open up to those closest to us and share what's really going on. Release our expectations they will be upset with us or not understand. What if they are relieved we finally spoke up? What if the understand us better than we thought? What other blessings might be waiting if we open up?

Being vulnerable with myself - looking at some deep hurtful things the last week are moving me into a new space. A new life. For that I am grateful and will continue to peel the layers of the onion away and see what else waits for me.

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