My Caregiver Journey 28 February 2019 - What is Success to You?


I love deep conversations. Conversations with questions that fry your brain and make you stop and go.....WHAT?!  Sadly the last couple of years, I do not have enough of those kinds of conversations with real living people sitting across from me, to satisfy me. There are a lot of reasons for this - one is self-isolation I was doing. The other is working alone, with a lot of dead people who do not talk for very long, and the pressure of 'having to work or else' which causes a reaction of not going out to have fun or meet new people.

This week I had one of those deep conversations for almost three hours and it totally shifted my reality. I met with a Dutch doctor to discuss WWII research (his project) and caregiving and hospice (things I am working on and experiencing for personal and professional). Through a very open, honest, "I'm gonna ask you possibly uncomfortable questions" energy conversation he asked a question that fried me.

What do you consider success as a caregiver? How do you measure success as a caregiver?

Any variation of those questions is what I was being asked to look at. Of course I went directly to success of Johan getting better - not looking at myself.

After I answered, he asked me how I measure it for myself. My reality shifted again! I had not thought about that ever!

I give you a few of my answers in the video, but this is something I am sitting with and journaling on. I even did some energetic clearings I like from YouTube, Spiritual Healing Therapy. If you are interested in clearing some of the energetic blocks in yourself, check her out.

The doctor, through our conversation, also touched on topics my energy healer, Kristen Tenpenny brought up in our session the night before. The universe will give you information through more than one source when you are not fully paying attention or it is very important that you explore whatever is coming up. Kristen and I do phone sessions when I'm in the Netherlands and at home in Chicago. She is in Florida so phone or skype is easier.

As I sit here this morning creating this article for you, a lot is still shifting in my universe. I am committing to choosing more for me and take care of me in new ways. I am certain over the next few days, many things will shift, old energies will release and new questions will come up.

My invitation to you is to sit with the question: How do I measure success for myself as a caregiver?

Then, remove the word caregiver and replace it with some other role in your life - parent, child, sibling, spouse, friend, co-worker, businessperson, organizational what ways does your measure of success change based on the role you insert?

I would love to hear what you think about the question posed here. Please comment with the video on our FB page. Let's start a conversation!

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