Exclusive WWII Master Class - Taking Your Stories Deeper

genealogy master class writing wwii Jun 10, 2019

Are you ready to take your genealogy and military research to a new depth?

This class will change how you research and write!

What class participants said……

The course and the book have really amplified my sensitivity to various memories from the past. Another coincidence from yesterday was a conversation with the woman sitting next to me at the courthouse while we were filling out our surveys. We connected because we both have daughters getting married in four weeks. She has her own counseling business. I asked her if they handle PTSD. She said yes and that K-9 therapy was one of the methods working for them. Interesting! Her comment to me about PTSD was that it affected more than just the victim and it could last for years….stuff we have been talking about.  ~~ Phil

Journey with Jennifer as your travel guide, through your family’s history, their WWII story, and your own story. On this journey you will read a life-changing book.

Together with a core group of people, we will discuss issues and emotions around the themes of war, religion, women’s themes, spirituality, family, stories, trauma, inherited trauma, caregiver issues, secrets, shame, guilt, PTSD, and many other topics that come from the book, my questions, and your experiences.

You will explore your family’s history and dive into who you are with this knowledge. You will even begin to write your own stories.

We will use the book “Reconciliation with War” by Janelle Kaye and Charles Willshire as a foundation to transformation. You are required to purchase the book. Details are in the confirmation email you receive upon registration.

Would you like to know more about this incredible class? Registration will end when we have 10 participants. The next session will begin in November.

Explore all the class details, what you receive, and learn what people are saying.

Do you have questions about the course? Please email Jennifer and we will be happy to answer them.

What class participants said……

My father served on Luzon, Bataan Death March survivor, POW in the Philippines and Japan. This discussion helped me realize that I don’t really know much about his “combat” experience. He was a Medic. He arrived in Manila shortly before they were attacked by the Japanese. His combat experience lasted from December 8, 1941 until April 9, 1942, when they were surrendered. After that it was a battle to survive.

In trying to relate my family’s experience to this story, I know for sure that we were blessed with how my father treated us. He was not mean to us and did participate in our childhood. He was not unscathed, however, as he turned to alcohol both for socializing and, as I now know, as a way of coping. At times he was mean to my mom, and I still see a couple of those episodes in my memories from when I was a little girl. 

I am learning more about the facts of his experience but may never know the emotional side of what he went through. I have read several books about the experiences of others, and it helps to give me some idea of what he endured. ~~ Debra

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