My Caregiver Journey 18 March 2019 - The Ebb & Flow of Balance & Consistency


I am back in the states for not quite a week and getting back on track with work, errands, exercise, and everything else. When I was at the gym this morning on the bike, with the intention of sprinting like I did with my trainer before I headed to Europe in January, my body said NO.

What?! No? Really?

I fell off the exercise wagon in the Netherlands when I was there. I did one day at home then the next week got the flu and spent about 5 days sleeping more or less. Did two days of walking and then my husband went back into the hospital. Although I did get one day of walking in while he was there because I went to Naarden and recorded a video there.

Otherwise, I maintained my weight, moved when we were out of the house and 90% stuck to my healthy eating and drinking habits. Now that I'm home and determined to shed some weight and further change my diet - my body is saying I have to start over. Not completely but close.

So how do we maintain consistency and balance in our lives and still create them when everything goes to hell? I have been wrangling with that question daily.

Before I left the Netherlands I told my husband honestly, that I just won't workout at home. It is rare. I will walk if it is nice outside and he has a bike for me that I can use this summer, but I really need to be in a gym. Out of the house. On a machine blasting motivational music and moving. Being honest about this and saying it to him shifted a lot. He is now investigating a gym within walking distance of the house to see if they take non-residents and what they offer so I know if that's an option when I get back. If it is not, there are gyms everywhere near us - just have to drive to them.

My body and soul also require consistency and balance in work, sleep, and downtime with some fun. This morning I set the alarm for 5:45 so I could get up and drink my celery juice and do a little work before I had to get the boys up for school and head to the gym. My target is to move the clock back each day so I'm getting up at 5 again. I am better in the quiet morning for focus and creation. Just need to get back on track.

The same applies for late in the day. I need to shut off the television and read my books. I have a huge stack sitting here staring at me. Or do some writing. Or meditation. Anything that isn't zoning out in front of the television.

Those are some of my targets this week. Some of the shifts I'm making.

My invitation to you: Consider the new targets you can set for yourself and ways you can choose you first, to create more balance and consistency in your life for the things that matter to you. Things that fill you up so you can continue to give.

Also - the name of this series will be changing. I'm debating between two names but the messages I'm sending to the world through the videos applies to anyone, whether a caregiver or not. We are all creating our lives, choosing or not, having the ebb and flow or not. Next week's video will have a new name but still provide the energy of helping you create your life and be the best you, that you can.

I would love to hear what you think about the question posed here. Please comment with the video on our FB page. Let's start a conversation!

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